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Yoga Therapy And The Spine


Yoga Therapy And The Spine is a continuing education workshop for Chiropractors
based on Dr. Goldman’s book, Yoga Therapy And Integrative Medicine: Where
Ancient Science Meets Modern Medicine, which fuses together Yoga therapy,
wellness care, mindfulness, and integrative medicine. Ultimately, the course is a highly
experiential educational opportunity for Doctors and healthcare providers that is
intended to change their understanding of Yoga and advance iYoga’s potential role as
a therapy in the modern healthcare setting.
Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:


  • Understand and appreciate the wonderful content, methods, and evolution of Yoga practice and Yoga therapy in both the ancient and modern worlds
  • Integrate Yoga into their daily lives and Chiropractic practice through clinical techniques, philosophical outlook on health and healing, and via changes in one’s self-care habits
  • Develop and adopt appropriate Yoga-based modifications to their rehabilitation and functional movement exercises in order to facilitate a more integrated experience for patients
  • Apply Yoga and Yogic practices as a catalyst and instrument for health, healing, and balanced living
  • Submit for 12 hours of continuing education with the Board Of Chiropractic Examiners in the state of California fulfilling all ethics, technique, and live hours requirements
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Functional Yoga Anatomy Series


The Functional Yoga Anatomy Series is a thorough 10-hour online series discussing
anatomy and applied Yoga therapy exercises with Dr. Eden designed to equip you with
the tools you need to optimize body movement patterns for success in daily health and
wellness. This educational series is not exclusive to Yoga teachers and will benefit
anyone who wants to learn about body optimization techniques, deepen their
understanding of anatomy, and increase their knowledge of functional movement, yoga
therapy, and sport-specific training exercises.

What’s Included:

  • 70 Page digital Functional Yoga Anatomy manual
  • 4 live trainings, five-hour sessions, lead by Dr. Eden Goldman
  • Watch any lives that you missed at any time in your own private live class library
  • Yoga Alliance approved continuing education certificate (upon course completion)
  • Almost 100 functional yoga exercises that you can apply immediately to your practice and your teaching
  • 60 High-quality prerecorded videos
  • Cutting edge techniques and sports medicine-based variations to traditional yoga poses
  • Learn advanced concepts of movement and biomechanics
  • Discover the science behind why we practice asana poses the way that we do in yoga
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